The chiropractors at Parallel Chiropractic & Wellness Centre examine the spine for vertebral subluxations. If a subluxation is present, your chiropractor will correct it by performing a spinal adjustment.

The Treatment Process
All chiropractic patients will experience an initial assessment by Dr. Laroiya before the treatment. You will be asked to share information about your health, prior injuries or surgeries, current medications and family health history.

Your first visit will take 30 minutes since a physical assessment based on the reason for your visit will be conducted. The assessment might include posture, range of motion, reflexes and other orthopedic or neurological tests.

Following the physical assessment, the chiropractor will talk with you about your diagnosis. Once the cause of your condition has been identified, they will develop and act upon an appropriate plan of treatment. This might happen on the first visit, but could happen on the second appointment, especially if X-rays are required.

Dr. Laroiya offers both gentle instrument-assisted methods, as well as traditional hands-on adjustments. He is a fully certified in the Activator® Chiropractic Technique, please click here to learn more about Activator Methods (  Chiropractic is an exceptionally safe way to promote your own healing and is suitable for people of all ages.

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