Eating Well To Live In Balance with M.S. – One Day Workshop with Robin Vinge, N.D.

Anyone who is living chronically with multiple sclerosis would understand that you need an arsenal of tools to assist you in living your best life. Viewing your challenge from a holistic perspective is important; holistic healing encompasses care of the patient as a whole individual.
This one day workshop will discuss the best nutritional advice based on current research and clinical success for living in balance with Multiple Sclerosis. Robin will talk about foods you’d be best to avoid and foods that promote healing and vitality in your body. She will talk about fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and fats. She will also share some recipes that she uses to cook healthy food and some of her strategies to ensure that the body is getting maximum nutrients to heal on a deep level. In addition, Robin will discuss the gut and how it’s health is critical to the overall health of your body. There has been a lot of research on leaky gut being a root cause of autoimmune disease. She will talk about this and the importance of prebiotics and probiotics and foods that support the gut. She will provide handouts of the material.

There are many people that are living well with M.S. and this workshop will give you the means with which to do just that.

Date: April 29,2017

Time:  9:30 am – 3:30 pm with one hour for lunch. Bring your own lunch or there are many places to purchase lunch across the street from the workshop location.

Location: MS Society of Canada | 150, 110 Quarry Park Blvd. SE | Calgary, AB T2C 3G3

To register: Please contact Robin at or 403-283-6062.

Cost: $75 (+ 5% GST). Past nutrition workshop participants can attend again for $50 +gst. Participants can pay by cheque or cash on the day of the workshop. Sliding scale available. This is not an MS Society of Canada event.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada is an independent, voluntary health agency and does not approve, endorse or recommend any specific product or therapy, but provides information to assist individuals in making their own decisions.