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Your Feet May be Causing Your Lower Back Pain

2020-12-09T17:21:07+00:00October 31st, 2017|Healthy Living|

Originally posted by the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors Can’t seem to find an answer as to why your back is aching? The answer might lie right below you … your feet. It’s easy to assume aches in pains in our backs are originating from where you are actually feeling it. So if your back hurts, it must be coming from an issue within your back, right? This is not necessarily the case. Everything in our bodies is connected through tissue and our nervous system. How are my feet inter-connected to my back and why does this cause me pain? Your body has three main shock absorbers: your feet, your knees and your spine. The shock of walking, running, jumping etc. is first felt by your feet. If your feet can’t handle the shock, it passes the impact absorption to your knees. When your knees are ill-equipped to handle [...]

Chiropractors as Part of the Opioid Reduction Strategy in Canada

2021-01-04T23:07:06+00:00September 27th, 2017|Healthy Living|

Originally posted by the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors It is hard to live in Canada and not be aware of Canada’s current Opioid Crisis. An estimated 2,000 Canadians are dying annually from prescription opioids. Our country is facing a national crisis. Currently, Canada is the second highest consumer of prescription opioids in the world. Evidence points to back pain and other musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions as one of the key drivers. Headlines related to chronic pain and fentanyl overdose are rising in frequency and urgency. Many chronic pain patients have been universally mismanaged by all health professions even with the best intent and the best minds clamoring for solutions. Chiropractic can be a piece in the puzzle in the development of an effective opioid reduction strategy. By providing prompt access to effective health care options, like chiropractic care, evidence suggests that we can reduce reliance on opioids to treat [...]

Chiropractic Care and Chronic Medical Conditions

2021-01-04T23:06:52+00:00August 29th, 2017|Healthy Living|

Chiropractic care can be helpful for a variety of chronic, or long-lasting, medical conditions. These include spinal issues, sciatica, chronic pain, headaches, and many others. But what about non-orthopaedic chronic medical conditions - diseases that do not primarily affect the bones, joints, and connective tissue? These problems include diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, lung disease, etc. Is it safe to have chiropractic treatments if you suffer from any of these conditions?   Keeping Everyone on the Same Page Whether you have chronic medical conditions or are completely healthy, it is important to keep your entire healthcare team apprised of your situation. This means letting your primary care physician, chiropractor, dentist, surgeon, and other specialists know your complete medical history as well as any changes. All of your medical providers should be informed of your medication types as well as dosages and frequencies, hospital admissions, surgical procedures, allergies, and other medical [...]

How Soon After Surgery Can You Have Chiropractic Treatment?

2021-01-04T23:06:43+00:00June 30th, 2017|General|

Surgical operations are a standard part of modern medicine. By many estimates, the average person will have about nine surgical procedures during their lifetime, including outpatient and in-office procedures. These surgeries may be quite minor and routine, such as a mole removal - or extremely serious, as with organ transplants. Proper postoperative care is a critical component of recovery after a surgery. Your surgeon will often place restrictions on your activity for a period of time after your procedure, and you should always adhere to their advice. However, most surgeons do not explicitly mention chiropractic treatment in their aftercare instructions. So how long do you need to wait after surgery before having chiropractic care? Unfortunately, there is no single universal answer. Type and Scope of Surgery A large portion of the answer to the above question will depend on the type and scope of your surgery. This may seem obvious [...]

Heat vs. Ice: Which Works Best for Treating Injuries?

2021-01-04T23:06:27+00:00May 31st, 2017|General|

Originally posted by the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors Heat vs. Ice … It may sound like the title of an upcoming blockbuster movie, but it’s a question most active people have mulled over during their life after they’ve sustained an injury. Like most dilemmas, there isn’t really an easy answer to this question. Whether to treat an injury with a hot pad or an ice pack depends largely on the situation. Ice How cooling an injury works Applying ice or a cold pack works by reducing blood flow and pain sensation to a particular area. Cooling an injured area, especially a tendon or joint, can reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain. When is it best to apply ice to my injury? Ice is meant to calm down damaged surface tissues that are inflamed, red, hot and swollen. Think of icing as a way to simply dull the [...]

“If it Hurts” Campaign Kickoff

2021-01-04T23:06:12+00:00April 30th, 2017|Uncategorized|

Originally posted by the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors The ACAC is pleased to announce the kickoff of our “If it Hurts” campaign. The campaign kicked off with our new television commercials, which can be viewed here, hitting the air on April 17. You can view all three commercials here. The commercials depict Albertans, in everyday situations, experiencing pain. Not debilitating pain, but the type of pain that can slightly alter the way you’re living your life. If you are in pain act now and don’t wait to see a chiropractor. You don’t have to be in agonizing pain to see a chiropractor and chiropractic   doesn’t have to be a last resort. When the pain starts to become the least bit noticeable, you should be booking an appointment with your chiropractor. Your life doesn’t have to be ruled or inconvenienced by pain. If something is preventing you from doing [...]

Chiropractic Tips for Gardening

2021-01-04T23:06:02+00:00March 31st, 2017|Healthy Living|

Originally posted by the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors As the weather warms, many Albertans will be dusting off their spades and unraveling their hoses in anticipation for a spring and summer full of gardening. As peaceful and relaxing as gardening can be, it’s undeniable that it brings with it a lot bending, twisting, reaching and pulling. Your back, upper legs, knees, shoulders, and wrists can all become affected while gardening and it’s important to take the necessary precautions before, during and after enjoying your favourite hobby. Stretch Before you even head outside with your favourite gardening attire, give your muscles a good stretch.  As with any activity that will put stress of strain on your muscle, it’s imperative to stretch because warm muscles will work more efficiently and be less likely to be injured.  The Straighten Up Alberta program is a great place to start if you are [...]

Food for Thought: Nutritional Counselling in Chiropractic Practice

2021-01-04T23:05:48+00:00February 28th, 2017|Healthy Living|

Originally posted by the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors We all know nutrition is an essential part of a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s been engrained in us. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” ““You are what you eat.” What may seem foreign to you though is how nutrition and chiropractic go hand-in-hand.  The promotion of healthy lifestyles is an important goal of chiropractic care. Nutrition is a great example of this. Proper nutrition is essential in keeping your musculoskeletal (MSK) system operating to its full potential. If you are seeking chiropractic care to recover from an injury or just to maintain musculoskeletal health, nutrition becomes even more important. Watch Your Caloric Intake Although it has almost become cliché to talk about caloric intake, the foods you put in your body can go a long way in prolonging an MSK issue or putting extra strain on your muscles [...]

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