How Soon After Surgery Can You Have Chiropractic Treatment?

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Surgical operations are a standard part of modern medicine. By many estimates, the average person will have about nine surgical procedures during their lifetime, including outpatient and in-office procedures. These surgeries may be quite minor and routine, such as a mole removal - or extremely serious, as with organ transplants. Proper postoperative care is a critical component of recovery after a surgery. Your surgeon will often place restrictions on your activity for a period of time after your procedure, and you should always adhere to their advice. However, most surgeons do not explicitly mention chiropractic treatment in their aftercare instructions. So how long do you need to wait after surgery before having chiropractic care? Unfortunately, there is no single universal answer. Type and Scope of Surgery A large portion of the answer to the above question will depend on the type and scope of your surgery. This may seem obvious [...]

Heat vs. Ice: Which Works Best for Treating Injuries?

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Originally posted by the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors Heat vs. Ice … It may sound like the title of an upcoming blockbuster movie, but it’s a question most active people have mulled over during their life after they’ve sustained an injury. Like most dilemmas, there isn’t really an easy answer to this question. Whether to treat an injury with a hot pad or an ice pack depends largely on the situation. Ice How cooling an injury works Applying ice or a cold pack works by reducing blood flow and pain sensation to a particular area. Cooling an injured area, especially a tendon or joint, can reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain. When is it best to apply ice to my injury? Ice is meant to calm down damaged surface tissues that are inflamed, red, hot and swollen. Think of icing as a way to simply dull the [...]

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